Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Answers in Genesis - New Resources in our Library!

We were so blessed by the Answers in Genesis two day seminar that was held this past Sunday and Monday at Calvary Chapel Vineland!  Dr. Mortenson was the speaker presenting seven dynamic sessions proving in undeniable terms the deception and fallacies of evolution and the overwhelming evidences that show what God's Word has said all along:

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth . . ."
Genesis 1:1

Collectively, Miss Stella went home with a host of book and DVD resources for each respective home school family.  Singularly, CA Director, Kathryn Ross, picked up an excellent selection of these resources for the Constellation Academy Library that will be available for students to use in a variety of courses offered in the upcoming school year.  And, not just for science, history, or Bible class!

"As I took in the seminar sessions and reviewed the tons of resource material," says Miss Kathy, "I could see how useful many of these resources would be as tools for writing classes and literature studies in addition to the expected science, history, and Bible studies."

The Writer on the Way classes taught by Miss Kathy for elementary and intermediate students, starting in September, will incorporate many of these materials as a way to teach persuasive, narrative, and expository writing, in addition to creative writing topics using fact as a foundation for fantasy and exploring truth through poetry.

Miss Kathy has only just begun to review the new resources.  "My favorite book so far is this stunningly designed and interactive volume discussing the reality of dragons and dinosaurs in our six thousand year history."

She hopes to also create many interesting writing challenges from the Kid's curriculum and three volume Answers books that explore the answers to common questions about the Biblical view of a number of controversial topics such as Noah's ark, Adam and Eve, the one race of mankind, and more.

Blending biology with health and fitness with research and writing, the fascinating DVD series and curriculum study will also benefit young language arts students.  "Young writers will learn how to connect the dots between grammar and communication skills and quality concepts worthy of communication, education, and edification."

Answers in Genesis founder, Ken Ham, has been teaching Creation for over thirty years, expanding his staff of speakers, writers, and creationist scientists and teaching materials as the demand for "answers" and better training in Creation science increases.  Evolution is the under-pining of the atheistic/humanist philosophy of life AND the foundation of learning in the public schools.  Genesis seminars and teaching materials for personal study are enhanced by the new Creation Museum  and the upcoming re-building of a to-scale model of the ark in an effort to thoroughly explain and demonstrate the Gospel Truth - the Biblical worldview of God, man, Creation, salvation, and Christ - and so tooling ourselves and our children to combat the evolutionary views of the same.

We will have a link to their excellent website resources with thousands of scientifically sound articles for use in personal and home school studies in the side-bar to the right under "Miss Stella Recommends" - PLUS - we're following Ken Ham's BLOG in our Blog List updated daily each time he posts an article.  Click HERE to visit Answers in Genesis now!

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